Images from Bob Hawk

Here is a picture that I took last night while out flying.  It is the shape of an elephant in a corn field and forms a maze.  The significance of it is that it is just southwest of Chanute, Kansas and Chanute is the home of Osa and Martin Johnson.  They were early 1900's photographers, adventurers, etc. and there is a great museum in Chanute about them.  The website for 
the corn maze is:

My 1998 Buckeye 503 Dream Machine near my trailer.  It has the comfort pod that is sold by Ontario Powerchutes and also the converted pedal steering.  The thing that is in the second seat that looks like an ice chest is an ice chest.  No, I don't carry iced beverages with me when I fly.  It serves a dual purpose, a back rest and a place in which to place my chute bag and line sleeves and other odds and ends of stuff.  It really is comfortable.  The pod does a good job and really keeps the wind off of your face.  There is still some that comes up from underneath, but that could be reduced with a little figuring.

On October 10, 1999 the time was right and I asked my Dad, Orville Hawk, if
he would like to take an instructional flight in my Buckeye 503 Dream
Machine.  He responded quickly that he would like to.  My Dad is 95 years
old and will be 96 on November 20.  We flew out of the meadow on our family
farm, the one that my Dad bought 60 years ago.  He loved the flight, said
it was awesome, and indicated that he would be up to going again one of
these days.

Jim Strahle, a friend and student of mine, on his 3rd solo flight.  You know he is a friend because he is flying my machine.

Picture taken Dec 31, 1997 looking toward the town I live in here in Kansas.

This is a picture of a friend of mine, Larry Macha, flying over the farm
where I grew up here in Kansas.  We fly out of a 40 acre meadow across the
road and can takeoff in any direction. 

Pictures of the new Powrachute.  The one
with the Jaguar in the picture is actually a digital picture of a photo.
The other one with the "plane" sitting on concrete is an actual digital
photo that I took.  Production will start very soon at their facility in
Columbus, Kansas.

The engine is a 65 hp. fuel injected Hirth and the prop on this machine is
a Power-Fin.  I'm not sure if this is the prop they are going to offer or not.

They are going to have a fly-in October 7, 8, 9, & 10 at their facility in
Columbus and at a nearby landing site.  Any pilot that brings a PPC to the
fly-in can register and will automatically be included in the drawing for a
new fully loaded Powrachute.  There is no tickets to buy, it is not a
raffle, it IS a drawing for a new machine.  There is a full page spread in
the ASC magazine and also in Ultralite Flight.

If you have any questions, just email me back and I'll try to answer them. 


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