Images from Harald Collonia


Hello flyers: 

I got two pictures scanned today. One shows the airstrip in my front yard where I fly my PPC, and the other shows a very happy pilot at 3000 feet, engine off, grinning into the camera. You can see the sunburn in my face after 1 hour of flight in the warm afternoon sun last weekend. 

By the way, my (unofficial) airstrip is in Concord, VA, 10 miles east of Lynchburg. Come visit if you happen to fly in the area. The exact location is longitude N37.324, W78.984, for those who have a GPS. 

I know that with the limited range of a PPC most likely nobody may ever show up, so I figure I should be safe from being overrun (snicker). But just so that you know, should you happen to be around, you are always welcome. The phone number is 804-993-0802. 


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