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Home Designed and built PPC the "GrassHopper" The Landing gear/seat  is removable for easy transportation (i.e. vacations) on the back of a mini van via tow hitch rack. Wheels and axles slide in for transport in back of Small pick up (i.e. Toyota). Weight dry #160,  Total length max. 6 ft.  Engine Cuyuna ULII-02 38 Hp With Planetary Redrive (Dover), Wing Performance Design 450Sqft., Propeller IVO 60", Thrust developed 270#. Complete set of  analog gauges. CHT/EGT, Tach, Hr..

Close up before the propeller guard is attached.

Engine/redrive assy.

Details of the front end

Planetary (Dover) redrive

Close up view of the outrigger

Home machined brackets use through out the PPC

A shot of the area that I fly over frequently. I have a access to a flat open field 1800' x 2600' which is located near Fayetteville Arkansas (N.W. corner Arkansas) I also have access to other fields in the area. Sould anyone on the list be in the area and want to fly we can do it. Some terrain in the area is mountains and other completely flat. Great for PPC flying.


A backpack unit which I designed and built. I know the page is not for backpack units but If you feel it would be of interest also post it. What makes this unit unique is that it can be flown with a direct drive 28" prop (unit weight is 38lbs) but in a few minuites it can be changed into a 32" redrive system for a person that has gained a few pounds. The cage also splits into two parts for ease of transport. 

Get High Fly Low

Ben Fleming 

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